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Notoscope Music Production creates music for professional purpose. We write, record, arrange and produce music. Wether you are searching for individual music for artists, nor onscreen or score for movies, live-shows, whatever you’re looking for, we can serve music, designed by your needs.

Hundreds of successful tracks we’ve been involved with are proving the ability that we understand the way music is working in a modern environment. We successfully combine modern producing with handmade music, guitars meet synthesis, piano meets effects, garnished with authentic vocals.

Beneath contract work for all kind of industry, Notoscope Music Production is engaged in finding new upcoming musicians, especially singer. Artist development is another pillar in managing music for the future days, so we also invest in young, very promising artists.

For sure, you will find your musical fulfillment in our service, so feel free to contact us!


In this section you´ll find a resumé of the most important or striking sessions we’ve been involved with:


For the following cinema movies we contributed music for onscreen and score:

Stav & Ben

STAV & BEN is the artist/producer name of us. While writing and producing a lot of songs for other artists, this is the way we share our music across the world.
We started a musical journey with our friend Ferry Ultra in „San Francisco“, arrived these days in „Tokyo“ and will go on during the next months.

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About Us

We are musicians, learned instruments in very young ages, we experienced studios and stages all around the world to become who we are now – thoroughbred musician. With every project we gain our experience, our ability to improve our output – so being a musician, songwriter and producer is a never ending journey through the galaxy of music!

Stavros Ioannou

Stavros Ioannou

Stavros Ioannou, born 1971, is a greek musician, based in Hanover Germany. He composed, produced, remixed, sang and played guitar & bass for numerous tracks for industry and recording artists. Among those artists were, Zucchero, Bob Sinclar, Mousse T. Maxi Priest, Roachford, Lena, Die Prinzen, James Kakande, Ehrlich Brothers, Alex Gaudino, Missy Elliot, Warren G., Rosenstolz, Omar etc. 

Bendix Amonat

Bendix Amonat

Bendix Amonat, born 1980, raised up in a musician family. He started playing piano at the age of 6, studied singing at the university of Hanover, Germany. He also founded the „Bendix Voice Academy“ whilst building up his own studio since 2006, that would become the headquarter of Notoscope Music Production. He worked for the Global Deejays, Jamie Cullum, Ehrlich Brothers, just to name a few of numerous artists.

just a few industry clients we worked for…


If you have any further question about us, our music and/or our service, feel free to contact us using social media platforms. We will answer as soon as possible.